Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vapor Liquid Equilibrium

One of the most common separation operations is distillation. Design of distillation columns requires thermodynamic data on vapor liquid equilibrium of the mixture of interest.

Many thermodynamic database exist, some of which are accesible to subscribers only. Some are, however, open to the general public. The best ones are those who provide citations to the original sources, which facilitates evaluating the reliablity of the data.

Today we'd like to point out CHERIC(Chemical Engineering Research Information Center) from Korea. It has vast amounts of data on VLE of binary systems and a database that includes thermophysic properties and equilibrium data for:
2000 hydrocarbons and light gases.
200 polymers and solvents.
2000 electrolyte solutions

Some other sources of thermodynamic data include:

Shuzo One's website.

The COCO package includes thermodynamic data on 150 substances.

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