Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Simulators in Holland

Amsterdam is a chemical "hotspot", where there are not only multiple industrial plants, but also many research centers. In this environment they are creating free tools which are very useful for process simulation.

Thanks to a post from Roberto Carrera in ingenieria, we have found some interesting links.

CoLAN (CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network) is an organization that promotes the use of open standards for process simulation software. This aims to facilitate the exchange of flowsheets, thermodynamic properties between different programs. Some members of this association include representatives of major companies like Shell, BP, Total, BASF, DOW and IFP.

COCO is a free simulation environment that uses CAPE-OPEN standards. It includes:
*Graphic interfaces for flowsheets.
*Thermodynamic database.
*Unit operations modules.
*Chemical reactor modules.

ChemSep: Free Software for multicomponent separations. It allows the user to calculate distillation columns, thermodynamic properties, etc. The LITE version is free, and there's a paid version with more options.

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